Jeni is on a mission to help entrepreneurs create profitable businesses.  She brings her 20+ years of experience to the stage to inspire the audience to create growth for IT business owners and leaders, by showing them how to work ON their business and not IN their business.

Many IT company leaders make the mistake of getting bogged down in grunt work, rather than focusing on the big picture. Companies need leaders who are able to drive the business forward and negotiate deals, not ones who answer client calls in the middle of the night. Jeni specializes in helping IT companies build a business model that provides owners with flexibility and freedom.

Jeni is one of a handful of female leaders in the IT industry. She is known for her ability to get the absolute best out of IT business owners and their staff.


  • Get out of your business, so that you can work ON your business.
  • Customer Service – not IT techie speak. Don’t just have happy customers, have raving fans!
  • Hiring the right people – the ones who give a shit!
  • Get your head out of the sand and manage your business.
  • How to take time out of your business with no-one noticing!
  • The 5 most common problems in IT companies and how to solve them.