Jeni is one of a handful of female leaders
in the IT industry. She is known for her
ability to get the absolute best out of IT
business owners and their staff.

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Jeni Clift, Transformational Coach

Jeni is a transformational coach specialising in business, leadership and personal development. Her aim as a coach is to work with leaders and business owners who want to become outstanding leaders in their chosen field. She loves to work with people to understand and change how they think. One of her favourite quotes is from Albert Einstein:

      “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

Jeni’s transition into coaching is the result of a natural progression that builds on her understanding of people and behaviour built over 30 years working in administration, leadership, management, team development and corporate culture. Prior to starting DWM Solutions, she worked with a range of high-profile corporates, including KPMG, Morgan & Banks and NAB. Her broad experience gives her an intimate understanding of successful business environments.

Jeni is the owner and General Manager of DWM Solutions, an IT business. Every day, she manages a team of 12 people across four offices.

“Jeni was able to help me better understand myself,
so I could learn who I was as a person and a leader. Jeni is so knowledgeable about business, and understands
the stresses that come with running your own business”.

-Mia De Rauch, Killafish Productions